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Truckmen is Ohio’s premier prep & ship logistics provider. We Receive, Store, Prep & Ship your valuable products in a very cost effective manner and ship your orders within 24-48 hours! We offer simple to understand, very affordable and upfront pricing with no billing surprises. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We receive your shipments and unload your products, whether it’s done with rollers, forklifts (palletized), or by hand, we make sure your products are handeled safely. Shipments are externally inspected at no extra cost (if damage has occurred, pictures will be taken and a detailed report will be provided for you).

Item Price
Palletized $9.00 per pallet
Non-palletized or individual cartons $1.25 per carton
20′ Container *Per pallet fee does not apply $275.00
40′ Container *Per pallet fee does not apply $550.00


Products will be stored on a standard 40″x48″ pallet, no higher than 72″.

Item Price
Non-stackable Pallets $16 per pallet. *Monthly
Stackable Pallets $12 per pallet. *Monthly
Oversized Please contact us for a quote


Basic Inspection, Product Count, Polybagging *Includes suffocation warning label, Packing Paper, Master Carton Labeling, Applying your shipping labels

Item Price
Provided $1.25 per item

Additional Services

Below you will find additional services we offer to our prep and ship clients.

Item Price Description
Random Inspection $1.00 per item Random inspections are in addition to basic inspections, entailing the opening and physical testing of individual units and up to 20% of the individual items.
Relabelling $0.30 per item
$1.00 per carton
In the event your product is manufactured with a label that conflicts with FBA requirements, we can remove it for you and apply the new one.
Bundling/Kitting $0.25 per item
$1.00 per carton
Our facility will mix and match your items and or cartons, whichever way you prefer for shipment.
Expedited $0.20 per item
$5.00 per carton
Your order will be moved into our “Expedite” queue and be placed ahead of all “Standard” shipments. *We cannot guarantee a delivery date
Photo Request $10.00 first picture
$5.00 after first picture
Boxes Small – $1.50
Medium – $2.00
Large – $3.00
Extra Large – $3.50
Shrink Wrapping $7.50 per pallet  
Empty Pallets $9.00 per pallet 40″x48″ GMA Pallets

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