Truckmen Launches Ohio’s Top Multichannel Prep & Ship Operation

Since 1991, Truckmen has been providing commercial warehouse and distribution services. A natural progression for our business is to bring the same time-tested service to online sellers in North America and around the globe with multi-channel consumer product Prep & Ship and Fulfillment services! Amazon began building two massive fulfillment centers that will total over 2.1 million square feet combined. Conveniently, these centers will be located only 30 miles away on the east side of Cleveland. After Amazon’s official announcement this past summer, we then began to field inquiries from online sellers in the early fall that pertained to our services and space availability.

We are proud to announce that on February 1st , we will open Truckmen Prep & Ship and provide a full menu of Prep & Ship services to online sellers for multi-channel needs!

Ideally, we are located within 600 miles or one day’s transit to roughly 200,000,000 consumers. Our location has served us well and contributed to our steady growth throughout the past 27 years. Our strategic location is also a natural fit for the Prep & Ship arena and aims to provide the energetic online seller community with the same extremely high-level, and reliable service that has made Truckmen a solid industry name.

From receiving and storing to inspection, prepping, labeling, packaging, carton forwarding and other fulfillment services, our business model is geared specifically to free-up sellers so they can focus on building their brands and develop new products to help grow sales year after year!

For more information about our Ohio Prep & Ship facility and services for your fulfillment needs, please contact us.

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